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Thousands of Elektromag's Circular Lifting Magnets have been in use for many years throughout the world. We can provide you with special designs and complete solutions. We provide more details of our products and their capabilities in the data overleaf. Take advantage of our expertise.

Elektromag…. Optimum Performance with Longer Life

Ever since the company's formation in 1958, Elektromag has championed the task of transporting iron and steel using magnetic power. Based on our past experience of 50 years, our latest lifting magnets are developed. Our circular lifting magnets transport steel blocks, pigs and scrap in scrap yards and ports and transport and process all forms of scrap in steelworks and foundries. They also crush clinker in skull cracker ball operations.

What distinguishes Elektromag’s products from the rest are their quality materials, quality of workmanship and extremely long life. Thousands of Elektromag’s Circular Lifting Magnets have been in use for many years throughout the world. We can provide you with special designs and complete solutions.  We provide more details of our products and their capabilities   in the data overleaf. Take advantage of our expertise.

Elektromag’s Circular Lifting Magnets: All our circular lifting magnets are constructed in exactly the same way:  in a cast housing, a coil firmly connected to the housing by means of a heat conductor which lies around the central pole. A hard manganese steel bumping plate seals away the magnet's interior. High-performance chains provide maximum safety when carrying the magnet under load. The cable connection is also efficiently protected.


The LMR - H models typically transfer scrap and light scrap with densities of 0.6 to 1 T/M' using cranes. These standard models are available in diameters:  700 to 2100 mm.

Elektromag Circular Lifting Magnets - the difference is the quality

Many Circular lifting magnets tend to resemble one another:

Elektromag magnets outperform the rest in many respects: 

The cast housing: This is made from quality cast steel, combining extreme ruggedness with high conductivity.        

The Bumping plate: A strong plate cast from hard, wear resistant, manganese steel protects the coil but does not interfere with the magnetic field.

The coil: This is made from Anodised strip or aluminium/ copper conductor. The anodised aluminium strip requires no insulation between turns and has a much better fill factor than copper coils, which increases the load possibilities.  The coil is also extremely temperature-resistant.

The heat conduction medium: This insulates the coil from the casing both electrically and mechanically, conducting any heat away outside. It must also withstand critical temperature spikes without damage.  Circular lifting magnets can have operating temperatures of over 200'C in the coil. They must also be able to withstand high pressure during heating. To meet these requirements we use the latest heat conduction   materials, specially manufactured to our instructions.

The design: The magnetic pole, the steel cross-section and the flow through the coil have all been precisely tailored to each other to provide optimum transport power and weight conditions.


 A) We provide the required power supply for each of our magnets, designed to suit the magnet and your own mains supply. Sets of backup batteries & battery charger to protect against power failures that could cause the load to fall.(optional)

 B) We also provide Spring/Sprocket driven cable reeling drums.(optional)


The longest operational life: Elektromag lifting magnets have been in use for decades.

Optimum performance and weight conditions:  Your existing crane can operate to its maximum capacity, with every load optimised.

Special designs for every application: All our magnets are weatherproof    and designed for open-air use. Magnets can be designed for extreme operating conditions:  for instance Elektromag can supply specially insulated magnets for use in transporting hot material.  Based on our experience of installing thousands of Elektromag Circular Lifting Magnets, we can determine and build the precise type of product suitable for your task.

Based on our vast experience we can ensure the best results in every type of application and can produce special designs to suit your requirements.

Complete solutions:  We examine your  requirements and your operating conditions  and then produce a complete solution  precisely  tailored to your needs with all the  components  optimally  adapted to each other, from the power  supply  to the  magnet itself.

Our experience: We have a lot of practical experience. From processing scrap, right through to skull cracker ball operations, we have supplied equipment for every conceivable requirement.                     

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