The highly reflecting vega energy specular surfaces are a key component of concentrating solar systems.  They concentrate the solar radiation precisely to achieve extreme energy densites. By using vega energy mirrors with their outstanding  reflecting properties the  performance can be increased significantly  in concentrating parabolic  systems  (CSP) for the generation  of solar  thermal electricity,  or process heat for industrial  applications, air conditioning or sea water  desalination.

Almeco offers a range of reflector materials suitable for all applications in the solar energy field. 
For glazed solar collectors where standard anodized aluminium does not provide enough reflectance, the vacuum coated products vega SP195 and vega SP198 provide very high levels of total and specular reflectance with excellent coating integrity, durability and U.V. resistance. 

Optimum reflectance of the solar spectral range is obtained by applying carefully controlled reflection enhancing layers, using continuous PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) vacuum coating technology. 
These materials give reflection values of over 95% and 98% respectively on the vacuum coated strip. vega SP295 and vega SP298 are the top mirror finish versions of this range, with higher concentrating and reflecting characteristics and lower light diffusion.
The vega SP range of products is ideal for energy saving projects in indoor or protected environments.
The WR range reflector materials for external applications result from our ongoing research effort, which is driving towards even greater performance, combining higher mirror reflectance with longer product life. In these products the high reflectance vega surface is provided with an additional robust, highly transparent and weather resistant barrier coat that assures a long term high reflectivity performance in outdoor reflector applications.
With their high maintained reflective performance, these products are designed for the manufacture of external solar reflectors.


Photovoltaic installations can benefit from enhanced sunlight exposure by incorporating in their design vega energy mirrors to re-direct energy onto the cell surfaces.
A number of designs have been developed to improve PV array output, ranging from full parabolic systems and tracking modules to simple side reflectors on fixed arrays.
For large parabolic reflectors for process heat generation demanding high performance, vega WR193, with 90% solar reflectance, is the right choice.
For smaller reflectors, for instance concentrators for vacuum tube arrays (CPC), where reflector life is a key factor but the best reflectivity performance is not essential, the SWR686 product is an ideal solution. 
Its 87% total reflectance and 84% solar reflectance are protected by a transparent weather resistant hydrophobic (water-repellent) top coat which guarantees long life in outdoor applications.
In Fresnel or large parabolic systems where imperfect focusing can lead to energy losses, vega aluminium can be adapted to make reflectors for use as secondary focusing mirrors with precise parabolic curvature to capture and re-focus solar energy on the absorber tube.
The high reflectance characteristics of vega WR193 make this aluminium product ideal for general use in the construction of reflective surfaces for solar energy generation, including process heating, air conditioning systems and seawater desalination. 

For more critical larger parabolic concentrators where optimum focusing of solar radiation is essential, vega WR293 and vega 393 with their higher specular efficiency and the same high level of surface protection promote greater energy focusing with up to 5% more energy reaching the absorber tube from the primary reflecting mirror. 

Whatever type of reflector system is desired, we can help provide the solution!


Product Features and Reflectivity Values  
Application type
Total Solar Reflectance
Total Reflectance
“visible range”
Specular reflectance
Standard   ASTM 891-87** ASTM E 1651
DIN 5036-3
DIN 5036-3
ISO 7668 60°
Vega SP195
Internal or enclosed reflectors
= 92
= 95
< 11
= 89
Vega SP295
Internal or enclosed reflectors
= 92
= 95
< 6
= 91
Vega SP198
Internal reflectors only
= 95
= 98
< 11
= 93
Vega SP298
Internal reflectors only
= 95
= 98
< 7
= 94
Total solar
ASTM E 1651
DIN 5036-3
Rnd diffuse
Vega WR193*
Outdoor reflectors
= 93
Vega WR293*
Outdoor reflectors
= 89
= 93
< 2.5%
= 88
Outdoor reflectors
= 84
= 87
< 3%
= 80
* Also available reverse side lacquered

** Solar reflectance values are calculated with reference to solar spectral data air mass 1.5

*** Values independently measured by  ISE

Material Characteristics and Mechanical Properties
Base material Pre-anodized Aluminium
1090 alloy purity 99.9%
Sheets or coils
max width 1250 mm
Thickness 0.3 – 0.8 mm
UNI-EN 573-3
± 0.03 mm
Nominal H18
Specification UNI-EN 485-2
± 0.15 mm
Tensile strength (MPa)
125 - 180
  Length (cut sheets)
± 1 mm/m
Proof stress (MPa)
105 - 170
Elongation [%]
> 2
Note All products above can be delivered in
various sizes and shapes according to
customer requirements
All information provided is based on up-to-date values where possible.
Optical values are average results from 0.4 mm metal and are published
for guidance only; they may vary according to raw material thickness.
For more detailed information please contact our technical sales department.
Physical characteristics of the materials are in accordance with EN (European Committee for Standardization).
Product Characteristics
vega SP products are based on pre-anodized aluminium strip, PVD coated with a multi-layer reflection stack.
vega WR products are additionally coated with a highly transparent and protective UV and weather resistant top coat.
Specular SWR products are made using pre-anodized aluminium coated with a special weather resistant top coat.
Resistance Testing and Long Term Product Performances
Physical tests Standard Results   Corrosion tests WR products
Cross hatch
adhesion test
EN ISO 2409 No loss of coating adhesion   UV resistance EN ISO 4892-3 <0.5% reflectance change in 1000 h
180° bend test BS EN ISO 1519 No coating failure   Neutral Salt Spray ASTM B 117
ISO 9227 NSS
< 1% reflectance loss after 3000 h
Falling ball
impact test
BS EN ISO 6272-1 No coating failure   Humidity
ISO 4623 < 0.5% reflectance change after 500 h

Almeco guarantees that reflectance of the mirrors will be maintained within 3% of their original value for 10 year period.
Products with protective tape are guaranteed for six months after delivery if they are stored in a conditioned room (temperature 20-30°C and relative humidity 50-60%) and kept away from sunlight and any heating source.
Protective tape is not UV resistant.

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