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Solar thermal collectors use the power of the sun to provide heat for space heating and hot water -- for free, reliably, and without an environmental impact. The heart of flat-plate and evacuated-tube collectors is the absorber. It takes up the energy in sunlight and converts it into heat. The more efficient the absorber, the greater the collector's output.
With its highly selective blue TiNOX energy absorbers, Almeco sets industry standards. These products absorb 95% of incident sunlight. At the same time, they only lose some 4% of heat radiation, so that around 90% of the solar energy can be used as heat.
Process heat generation

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important for the generation of process heat which, carried by appropriate heat transfer fluids, can be used to drive solar heating or cooling and seawater desalination systems and can also be converted into electricity.

Combined solar systems for the simultaneous generation of heat and electrical power are also becoming more and more interesting for decentralized energy supply.

The heart of Concentrated Solar Power applications is the absorber tube: it absorbs the concentrated solar radiation and converts it into heat. The more efficient the absorber, the greater the collector's output.

Drawing on its 20 years long experience of absorber surfaces, ALMECO SOLAR has developed a new concept in absorber tubes,TiNOX tube 2.0, a high efficiency aluminium alloy tube aimed at establishing a new reference point for performance, durability and cost.
Designed for medium temperature applications up to 200°C, it is ideally suitable for almost all such CSP systems; available in different lengths and diameters it has the best optical performance currently available in the market. 

Manufactured from high temperature resisting aluminium alloys, TiNOX tube 2.0 uses an improved highly selective vacuum deposited absorber coating in order to guarantee the lowest thermal emissivity in the market while maintaining excellent absorption of solar energy for conversion to heat.

Innovative Aluminium solution

The aluminium tubes are produced by combining a special drawing process with a high temperature and pressure resistant aluminium alloy giving an outstanding performance that guarantees:

  • High corrosion stability for water and oil based heat exchanger fluids
  • High heat conductance
  • High pressure resistance (up to 30bar depending on diameter and wall thickness)
  • Excellent brazing and welding properties

The tubes can be easily brazed or welded, but for more convenient installation on site, appropriate fittings are available for easier assembly and dismantling.

Like an “energy trap”, the highly selective blue coating of TiNOX tube 2.0 absorbs 95% of the concentrated solar radiation while its extremely low hermal emissivity of less than 6% at 200°C minimises loss of the captured solar energy as heat radiation.

Over 89% of the incoming solar radiation energy can be used as heat at an operating temperature of 200°C. Due to the high heat conduction of the aluminium tubes compared to stainless steel tubes this heat is transferred very efficiently to the heat exchanger fluid.


The TiNOX tube has a solar absorptance of 94% ± 2% and extremely low emissivity even at high operating temperatures, so that infrared radiation heat losses remain low.

Emissivity - Tinox tube

Emissivity dependence on the temperature of the TiNOX tubes 2.0.

Solar absorption a 95% ± 2%
Thermal emissivity e at 200° 6% ± 2%
Material Aluminium
Standard diameter 35mm
(different diameter on request)
Length Up to 6 meter
Thickness On demand

Outer diameter + absorber layer mm 35,7
Outer diameter without absorber layer mm 35
Wall thickness mm 2
Inner diameter mm 31
Alloy*   EN AW-5049
Temper   H18 - Hard
R? 0,2 min MPa 240
Rm min MPa 280
A min % 2
Theoretical burst pressure bar 22,86
Creep time resistance 200° h 100.000

*Alloy 5049 according to DIN EN 573-3
Mechanical properties according to DIN EN 754-2

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